kontgat asked:
oh wow your style.. and your art its just so amazing i love it

thank you!

violent dreams

3am hirako and momo doodles!

i feel like this relationship gets overlooked a bunch and that baffles me because it’s so cute and gr8!

two more sketches, Deity of Knowledge and Eleonor

OC sketches, both as an exercise in shapes, and to show you that I can draw things that are not just sad Izurus.

Top to bottom, King of The Forests, Dux of The Orchards and Deity of Madness


full body reference clothing for the Duchess of The Swamps

she’s very tall 


Dux of the Orchards! 

I changed their little, basic crown into a crown of grapevines, which I like better. It fits their whimsical mood better too.

dirty water

I found empathy from madness
deliverance from malaise
my heart is is filled with gladness
at the only spirit that I crave

Anonymous asked:
Your style is really unique and i really like it :) can you please draw some ginxrangiku?they re the most tragic couple i ve seen and i think that it will be amazing with your style

Thank you!

I have to apologize though, because I both really disagree with that pairing on a personal level, and I’m not taking requests right now.

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