Anonymous asked:
do you do commissions?

I do

do commissions

you can find the info/price sheet here! And you’re free to email me with any questions you have at

here’s a little closeup of the window

cause i sorta like it

gloomy, rainy mornings

doodle extravaganza

sad izurus and some rosezuru

yo character development

3DS friend cooode


 it’s been a while since I last shared my friendcode, and I’ve picked up both Animal Crossing and Pokemon X again, so


here’s my friendcode, feel free to add me! But if you do, maybe send me a message first so I know who you are.

driimr replied to your post: THANKS FOR 800 FOLLOWERS!

shiny trinket lol; congratz! You deserve more ^^

"seven out of twenty!"


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kontgat asked:
oh wow your style.. and your art its just so amazing i love it

thank you!

violent dreams