The Stray Bead



"the stray bead" is a collectible from the game Okami, there are 100 beads in the game, if you can find them all you get the "string of beads" which makes you immortal, meaning you take no damage anymore whatsoever

Okami is my favorite game of all time, and is very important to me. I have a lot of fond memories of trying to find all the stray beads in that game.

Also, the beads are rather small little treasures that add up to one important whole, which I thought was a nice metaphor for “trying to point out thoughts and details in different video games”, which is what I’ll be using this blog for

thoughts, reviews, musings, etc



I take it you liked the latest drawing I did for demons au~

suffer is all you do these days

suffer is all you do these days

so hey have you guys seen asie’s new oc yet

so hey have you guys seen asie’s new oc yet

anon requested to see some really old (like 5 years old) art



kittenjpeg: hi! you said in your last ask from anon that you were sick? i hope you feel better soon! 

yeah, unfortunatly I am. It’s just a flu though!

thank you! 

Anonymous: Ooh~ do you have anything I can see from years ago? It sounds great. And feel totally free to say no. I don't want to step on your toes. 

You’re not stepping on my toes at all, don’t worry

I dug around a bit and did find an old sketchbook from those days! I’ll take some pictures soon, but I’m sick in bed at the moment so sit tight for a bit until I can.

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Anonymous: your art is a perfect mix of terrifying and beautiful. Every time I see it I can't help but stare. How does one create a style like this? P.s. keep up the good work 

Thank you so much! 

And uh, you create a style like mine with lots of practice, experimentation,  and a natural disposition to creepiness.

my art actually used to be a lot creepier, 5 or so years ago. I’ve toned it down a lot.

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demon au shuu and izuru spittin blood

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